Epsom Salt Snow Candle

Epsom Salt Snow Candle



This tutorial shows you how to use Epsom Salt Crystals to create a snow effect Candle. Perfect for giving as a gift this Christmas!

What you need
Epsom Salt
White craft glue

Take a store bought candle or homemade candle and turn it into a Wintery wonderland with Epsom Salts.

Cover the candle in white craft glue. You need to apply a thick layer so that the Epsom salt crystals can attach.

Roll the candle into the Epsom salts and allow to dry. Once dry touch up any missed areas with extra Epsom salts and allow to dry again.

Do not coat with a varnish as this will make the candle more flammable. If you want to use it as a decoration only then coat with a few light coats of a clear spray varnish to stop the Epsom salts popping off.

All done! Add a ribbon and give as a gift!

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