How to Plan the Perfect Candle Light Dinner?

How to Plan the Perfect Candle Light Dinner?


A candle light dinner is the ultimate way to romance your partner. Whether it’s for celebrating a wedding anniversary or springing a surprise proposal on your girlfriend, a little planning can go a long way in ensuring its success. Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, planning a dinner at a fine dining restaurant with an intimate setting is a better option to having it at home, and it will save you the hassle of clearing up afterwards.

So, what could go wrong on your romantic date? You might imagine being in a cosy corner at one of the Best Restaurants only to find yourself seated near the house band once you get there and having to spend the rest of the evening smiling politely across the table or resorting to sign language. A hovering waiter or even the weather could play spoilsport and dampen your spirit.

Before you make a restaurant booking for a romantic night out, keep these points in mind.

1. Make a reservation: Having the evening start off on a wrong note will kill the romance even before it starts. Don’t assume that you can get a table, even if it is a weekday. You may reach the restaurant to find that it’s been booked for a private party. More importantly, restaurant reservationsare a must for romantic dates as you need to request for a table that is away from footfalls leading to the kitchen, restroom or the main entrance.

2. Do a recce: While you can ask friends and colleagues for recommendations on where to go for a romantic candle light dinner, don’t blindly follow their advice. It’s best to visit the restaurant and verify the setting, or you might find yourself at a restaurant with loud music that drowns out any conversation. Speak to the manager and inform him that you need a quiet corner with sufficient privacy.


3. Plan the menu: If you want to have champagne or an elaborate five-course meal, plan the menu in consultation with the chef at the Fine Dining Restaurant (that is if your partner doesn’t take offence to you deciding what she should eat). Be sure to inform the chef about food allergies so you won’t have to cut short the meal to rush to the doctor.

4. Keep the weather in mind: While a Candle Light Dinner outdoors or by the poolside may be beautiful in summer, it can get chilly in the cold season. So, be prepared and carry a shawl or jacket for your partner (especially if it’s a surprise dinner). Similarly, in the monsoon, don’t leave it to the weather Gods and choose an outdoor venue as your plans may get washed out.

And, finally, don’t forget the ring or gift! You might make immaculate arrangements in one of the best restaurants in town, only to realise half way through the meal that you’ve left the ring at the office. Plan ahead and mentally tick off the to-dos on your list before setting off, and you will enjoy the candle light dinner of your dreams.

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