Post Valentine’s Day Petal Luminaries

Post Valentine’s Day Petal Luminaries



Flowers and candles are two of my favorite things about Valentine’s Day! Unfortunately, flowers wilt and candles melt, but there is a way to make both of them last just a little bit longer: A hurricane vase luminary covered in the petals from your flowers!

What you need
Valentine’s Day Flowers
Mod Podge

By covering a vase with your petals, you can simply swap out the melted candles as needed and have a reminder of your Valentine’s Day bouquet long after February 14th. And you can dress up your windowsills in the process while you lead your loved ones home at night with the light from the luminary.

All in all, this simple DIY project is something to love!


If you are using flowers like carnations or roses, their petals are workable after about a week or so. I pulled out the prettiest white roses from my bunch and removed the petals from the bud.

The other main ‘ingredient’ to this project is Mod Podge. Mod Podge is the cute name derived from ‘modern decoupage’ which is a crafting technique of decorating a surface by gluing paper cut outs in an artistic way. And that’s just what you get with this project!


Using a paint brush, paint the bottom portion of the surface of the glass with the Mod Podge. Paint the back of each petal, place on the glass and cover with another layer of Mod Podge. Continue all the way around the bottom of the vase and leave ridges on the bottom and top of the petals (don’t make an even line with the petals as you place them). Allow the vase to dry thoroughly before handling.


Place a tea light inside the vase and light it. As you can see here by the light of the candle, by leaving a jagged edge around the top and bottom of the petals, you can create another flower shape with the light to the surrounding area under the vase!


Check out the appearance of the candle, glowing vase and light pattern from this bird’s eye view from above.


And whether you place this luminary on your window casement or as the centerpiece of your table, you’ll remember the love of Valentine’s Day every time you light the candle within!


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